Matt Nakoa

Matt Nakoa is an award-winning songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. A modern troubadour, he makes his home on the highways and concert stages of America and appears regularly with folk music icon Tom Rush. The Boston Globe says of Nakoa, “Between his piano chops and heartfelt originals on guitar, he drops jaws.”

Born on a small goat farm in New York State, Nakoa trained to be a concert pianist before accepting scholarship to Berklee College of Music as a vocalist. He developed his dramatic songwriting style with his college art-rock band, The Fens, and when the band dissolved, he landed in NYC. It was in Manhattanʼs all-night piano bars that Matt developed an uncanny ability to command the attention of any audience.

2012 and 2014 saw the release of his first solo albums, garnering multiple songwriting awards, including a win at Kerrville Folk Festivalʼs new folk competition. Nakoaʼs newest album, Casting Shadows, is a spellbinding blend of pop, soul, and classical influences and tells a story of childhood dreams crashing headlong into a grownup reality. The Ark of Music magazine proclaims, “What we have here is a truly encouraging sign of what pop could once again become …”


“Most Wanted” Winner – Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
New Folk Winner – Kerrville Folk Festival
Sundilla Radio Hours’ “Albums Of The Year” list
Selected to play at The White House

“On the ivories, (think of) a hot-handed phenom who can go from Chopin to beer-drenched honkytonk in one set …On guitar, a Jack Johnson-esque singer-songwriter…between his piano chops, charismatic stage presence, and heartfelt originals on guitar…he drops jaws.”

The Boston Globe

“Matt is truly a rare treasure …I think if he could play here every week my audience would be thrilled….the show was an incredible success and I look forward to working with you to book Matt’s next performance here at The Loft.”

Marc Schauber

The Loft -Yonkers, NY

“Matt is amazingly talented. His performance went beyond my expectations. The audience was very appreciative giving him a standing ovation which is not often done with the Cabaret performances.”

Nancy Anderson

Midland Theater/Stage Door Series

“Matt Nakoa left us breathless…The music was a symphonic scale and showstopping, cosmic proportion.”

Elmore Magazine

“I think my jaw dropped when I first heard Nakoa perform live…He’s Jerry Lee Lewis meets Beethoven.”

Lauren Daley

“…a young man with an old soul and more talent than one man should have. […] an accomplished guitar player and classically trained piano player, Matt has come into his own as a songwriter and his vocal style is uniquely his own.  He handled the audience with the ease and confidence of a seasoned pro…”

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